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Book Week - A Handy Blog Guide

From the 16th to the 22nd of August, schools and libraries will be celebrating the joys of reading for Book Week. It's a week of showing appreciation for our favourite books and dressing up like the characters that took us along on their adventures with them. Costumes, decorations, balloons - it's good fun for everyone! This little blog guide is here to help you with ideas and inspiration for celebrating. We're here to ensure that the planning that goes into the Book Week festivities is as much fun as the festivities themself!


Decorating for Book Week is easy once you choose some favourite books. For example, black, red and white decorations for a Cat in the Hat party (with some stripes thrown in for good measure), some green and a dash of red to bring to life a certain hungry caterpillar - the list goes on! Once you've chosen the books, you're free to let your imagination run wild with the decorations, whether they be hanging decorations, table centrepieces, or decorations that double as party favours, such as these adorable Fantastic Mr. Fox masks.


So easy and so much fun! The same method can be used to pick balloons (i.e. following the colour scheme of the books.) If you're lucky, you may also find some decorations and balloons that are specific to your chosen books, in which case you're on easy street. Either way, we ensure you'll have decorating and may even relive some fond reading memories. 


Now for the fun part - the costumes! It goes without saying that the charcters from the books are the best bet for costume choices. Where The Wild Things Are, any Dr. Seuss book, Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings and many, many more. You're spoilt for choice! Check out our online range of costume accessories for ideas and inspiration - there's heaps for the young and young at heart alike. 


Some classic book themed party treats would definitely go down well! Whether it's some green eggs and ham, Cat in the Hat cake pops, or some delicious wombat stew, filled with copious amounts of mud, feathers, flies and creepy crawlies (otherwise known as pudding, coconut, raisins and gummy worms.) All the kid's favourite books can come to delicious life!


If you're not feeling inclined to cook, you can even use lolly snakes as "book worms" for the kids to enjoy - too easy!


You can find heaps more for your Book Week festivities online at Shindigs.
Click on the images for more information, or visit our Shindigs Party Pinterest page.