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Costume Contact Lenses - take your costume to the next level!

Customers have often come into Shindigs looking to make a truly impressive costume, whether it be through adding spectacular make-up effects or through adding some wonderful accessories. Costumes are a way of unleashing your creativity and making you virtually unrecognisable to those who know you best. However, we’ve been asked many times for one particular costume item recently that we’ve finally gotten in – cosmetic contact lenses! These costume lenses are perfect for heaps of different costumes, but are especially effective for spooky costumes (did someone say Halloween costume ideas?) Check out our cool range of costume contact lenses and let them inspire you for your next fancy dress masterpiece! 


These cosmetic lenses are high quality and have dramatic and stunning colours – just perfect for making your costume stand out! We have Zombies, Werewolves and Vampires – oh my! Our range contains heaps of different designs and they all come with a case and care instructions. They are very popular in-store – especially closer to Halloween – so if you’re hoping to grab a pair, make sure to be quick! 


Don’t forget to coordinate the contact lenses with make-up and a cool costume! Whether you pair the Devil Eyes contacts with some devil costume accessories and red face paint, or the Hulk contact lenses with our Hulk costume or some green face and body paint, it’s sure to be a memorable costume! We even have pre-made costume make-up kits that go with a few of our lenses – too easy! 


There's heaps of coloured contact lenses online at Shindigs .
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