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Cute Girls Party Ideas

Hosting a little girl’s birthday party can be so much fun – cute little girls all dressed up, pretty party decorations and delicious party food.  But how do you choose what theme to have?  There are so many great ideas that it can sometimes be hard to decide.  That’s why we have chosen 1 of the cutest girl’s party themes we have come across, complete with game ideas, decorating ideas and party food ideas to help inspire you for your little girl’s next party (or just because!).
Cupcake Party

Hosting a cupcake party allows for cute decorations, delicious food and fun activities and games.  Start off by inviting your guests with some cute cupcake invitations – either make your own cupcake shaped invitations with glitter and patterned paper or if you are short on time, try these cute cupcake invitation pads.   

Decorate your party room with cupcake themed decorations, cups and plates.  Use a variety of cupcake wrappers and some string to create a cute little party garland.  Fill a glass vase with a variety of cupcake wrappers for a cute centrepiece decoration that can double as a guessing competition.  Use polka dot or striped coloured decorations for a cute and colourful addition to the room.


  When your guests arrive, provide them with plain white aprons and fabric markers to decorate their own aprons.  Then the real fun begins!  Provide some plain un-iced cupcakes, icing (ready to go in icing bags or in a bowl with a small spoon ready to be spread onto the cupcakes), sprinkles, edible glitter, small lollies and anything else that would be fun to go on a cupcake.  You can either set your guests up with their own individual spot with all the tools and ingredients at hand or set it up like a buffet and have your guests take turns decorating their cupcakes.  Provide enough cupcakes so that your guests can eat one of their masterpieces straight away and still have some to take home.

If you liked any of the ideas we have presented, or would like to see more information - click on the image and you will be taken to the blog or page that the image came from.  Shindigs have a great range of cupcake party supplies and decorations as well as a huge range of cupcake decorating supplies!  Visit them today