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Fun Party Games for Kids

A kids party wouldn't be a party without at least a few fun games.  There are the traditional games that we all played as kids and that are still very popular today, including pass the parcel, pin the tail on the donkey, and pinata games can be so much fun but they are played at nearly every party your kids go to.  Here are 10 of the best unique party games we could find:

1.  Ping pong shake - This game can be fun for both adults or for kids!  Using an empty tissue box with ping pong balls inside, the tissue box is attached to the contestants waist with the box resting on their back.  The guest must shake all of the ping pong balls out of the box - the first or the quickest to do so wins.  (this game was found here, check it our for more great adult games adapted for a dinner party from Minute To Win It).

2.  Candy Ball - Using a roll of packing tape, roll a range of candy bars into a big ball.  Guests sit in a circle with the ball and 2 dice.  The guest with the candy ball unwraps the tape as fast as they can, whatever falls out is theirs to keep.  The guest with the dice is trying to roll a double.  When they get a double, they pass the dice onto the next player and take their turn with the candy ball.  Another option is to fill the ball with novelties as well as or instead of candy bars.

3.  Glow Ring Toss - If the party heads into the night (like a sleepover), a game of ring toss can be so much fun - escpecially if the rings are glow in the dark bracelets or necklaces!  All you need are the glow bracelets or necklaces and a stick pushed into the ground (if played outside).  You could make the game a little more fun with multiple sticks of different heights and different distances away from the starting line.

4.  Elephant Walk - This game is hilarious for all ages!  Set up a course of plastic cups on the floor so that they are upside down.  have another cup tied to a piece of string or a small scarf  - this gets ties around the guests neck and they have to knock over all of the cups!  Becasue swinging the cup on the string is the easiest way to knock over the other cups, this will be great time to get some hilarious photos!  Make is a race with the first to finish as the winner, or set it up for one guest at a time with time trials.

5. Statues - This game can be a lot of fun and is very easy to set up...all you need is some space and some music.  Have the guests dance around to the music untill the music is stopped.  All guests must freeze like a statue in position untill the music starts again.  This game is best played with elimination...start with everyone and as the guests wobble or move while the music is stopped, have them sit out untill you have a winner.

6. .....Says - This game is specifically for the birthday boy or girl to run.  Instead of Simon says, call it (name of the birthday person) says.  The birthday boy or girl can either say "Georgie says...put your hands on your head" - which means that everyone must do it...or she could say "Put your hands on your head" which means that the guests must stay as they are.  The idea is that  whoever doesn't do what 'Georgie' says sits out until you have a winner.  It can be a good idea for an adult to stand with the birthday person to help them with things to suggest.

7.  Pop for a prize - This game can get very noisy but is also lots of fun for kids with tonnes of energy.  Place a small prize or ticket for a prize in a few balloons and then fill a number of balloons with air and place in a small area so that you have a 'balloon pit' (only 1 or some of these balloons will have prizes).  The guests then have to try and pop all of the balloons to find one with a prize.  To keep it as fair as possible, have the winning guests sit out once they find a prize to give everyone a chance to win.

8.  Bag the Balloon - This is a great game for outdoor parties.  Have some balloons inflated with air and ready to go along with some wash baskets.  Set the wash baskets up around the yard.  Guests get a balloon each and have to get the balloon into one of the baskets without using their hands (have them place their hands behind their backs).  First guest to to this wins.  Depepnding on the age and coordination of your guests you can vary the game by having them on relay teams or allowing each guest to have a pool noodle or cardboard cylinder to use as a tool. 

9. Eat The Doughnut - This game is great fun for kids of all ages.  Hang doughnut up along the washing line...guests have to eat the doughnut off the string with out letting it fall to the ground and without using their hands.  First guest to eat theirs wins.  This game can be modified to suit the theme..for example, use a large gummy spider or snake for a Halloween or spooky themed party.

10. Ping Pong Race - This game is harder than it looks!  Using masking tape to set up a race track.  Guests must race their ping pong ball to the finish blowing air through their straw to move it!  If their ping pong ball goes out of their 'lane', guests must get it back into their lane before proceeding.

Shindigs also carries a great range of other party games and game ideas - visit their website or their Pinterest page!  And above all, have fun planning your next party!