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How to Make a Masquerade Mask Table Centrepiece

We are going to show you how you can make this beautiful masquerade mask table centrepiece for parties and formal occasions with step by step instructions.  All of the items needed to make this can be purchased from  You can click on the links or the individual product images to be taken straight to the product on our website.


How To Make A Masquerade Mask Table Centrepiece

Here's what you'll need:

        Balloons Sticks                               Shred                                            Masks                                    Florist Box                             Dry Florist Foam (Oasis)

These are optional (I'll be using these in this tutorial):

                Kindy Glitz (Glitter Glue)                                      Picks (Foil Sprays)        Tear Ribbon & Curling Ribbon

Step 1:

Take the elastic off the masks you will be using and use Kindy Glitz to decorate them and make them look a little more glamorous!  This photo will give you an idea of the type of design you could try.  Make sure you shake the Kindy Glitz upside down (with the lid on) to limit the amount of bubbles that occur while you are using it.  Keep in mind that you will need two masks of the same design for each centrepiece (I have used two masks of the same design but in different colours here).  Set the masks aside to dry.



Step 2:

If your box is flat packed from Shindigs you will need to make the box up.  It will look like this:

To make the box, simply turn the box upside down and open it out.  Follow the numbers on each tab to fold the tabs in towards the centre (tabs 1-4).  Then push all of the tabs in towards the centre of the box as shown in the image below, until tab 4 slips underneath
tab 1.  Turn the box the right way up and push the tabs back down.

Your box will now look like this:

Step 3:

If you would like ribbons around the box, now is the easiest time to put them on.  Put some tear ribbon around the box first, allowing it to overlap at the back and use tape to secure it.  Then bundle the pieces of curling ribbon together so that the ends are even.  I used 6 pieces of metallic curling ribbon about 1 metre in length.  Tie all 6 pieces together with a double knot to the front of the box.  This can be a little tricky to do on your own - ask someone very nicely to hold the box still for you while you tie the ribbons!  Then using the sharp edge of a pair of open scissors, curl each piece of ribbon.  Your box should now look like this:

Step 4:

Using a knife or piece of fishing line to cut the florist foam in half.  Make you you do this on a separate surface to your decoration materials as it can get a little messy.  Glue a half piece of florist foam into the box.  We like to use a hot glue gun instore because it sets and dries very quickly allowing us to make many decorations in a short amount of time.  If you are using PVA or some other type of glue, allow it to dry before proceeding.  Your box should now look like this:

Step 5:

Push the balloon stick into the centre of the box through the florist foam.  Check all angles as you slowly push the stick in to ensure that the stick remains straight, otherwise your masks will sit on an angle.  Try to get it right as you push the stick in - if the stick gets removed and pushed in again it loosens the surrounding foam, preventing it from holding everything in place securely.  If this does occur, try gluing around the base to help stabilise it. 

Step 6:

Using wire cutters, cut the picks to size.  To measure the picks, hold the pick next to the box so that the height of the pick matches the height of the box as shown in the picture below.  The idea is to have the picks all cascading out from the box.  Use the pick you have just cut to measure the size of the other picks so that they are all the same height.  Tape the ends of each pick to prevent the foil unravelling as you work. 

Step 7:

Some picks have 3 wire stems of stars which can be curled to add a lovely accent to your decorations.  To curl the picks, hold each end of the wire stem between your thumb and forefinger, making sure that you hold the loose end between your thumb and the base of your forefinger as shown in the image below.  This will be the finger that you use to wrap the wire stem around.  Wrap the wire stem loosely around your finger.  Take your finger out and gently pull the wire stem out to lengthen it.  Repeat this with all of the wire stems.


Step 8:

Push each pick into the florist foam so that it sits closely around the balloon stick.  Arrange the wire stems so that they are evenly spaced.  Your box should now look something like this:


Step 9:

Now that your masks have dried it's time to glue them to the stick.  Before you do any gluing, decide how you want the masks to sit (i.e. straight out as shown in the picture or at an angle), as well as deciding which mask will be at the front.  I found it much easier to glue the masks together first leaving the left side unglued (this wil be the side that you glue to the stick).  Find the front of your box decoration and make sure that you are going to glue the masks to the front.  Once the glue holding the two masks together has dried, glue the masks to the top of the stick.  You will need to hold the masks in place untill the glue dries.  This is where hot glue becomes your friend!  Check that the masks are nice and secure.  Your box should now look like this:

Step 10:

Nearly done!  Now all that is left to do is to put the shred in the box to cover the florist foam.  Pull a section of the shred out of the pack and loosen it up a little.  Then place the shred into the box making sure that it looks nice and full.  Do not worry if there is a lot of overflow around the sides of the box.  Once you are happy with how the shred is sitting in the box and with how it looks, use a pair of scissors to trim the shred from around the sides of the box.  This ensures you have a nice, clean finish and keep the shred in the box.  Your box should now look like this:

                                                                                                                                              Front                                                                                                                       Back

And thats it!  You've made a beautiful masquerade mask centrepiece!  If you are making multiple centrepieces for a party, I would suggest completing each step for all of the centrpieces to keep a bit of a production line going.  For example design all of your masks with Kindy Glitz and then move on to the next step while they all dry.  This will save you lots of time in the long run.

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Happy Decorating!