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Looking for some unique party drinks? Look no further!

Here at Shindigs, we often get customers who are not only inquiring about our plastic wine glasses, cocktail glasses and champagne flutes, but are also searching for some delicious, unique party drinks to serve their guests. As they're looking for something new, exciting and away from the norm, it can sometimes be difficult to find a drink that suits this criteria, but is also easy to make. In a similar predicament? Fear not, weary bartender, for here is a list of delicious beverages which is sure to cure what ails you (inability to make a new drink, or "drinkers block" as I like to call it.)  

Fallen Froggie

A little sad for the froggie, but this drink will surely have your guests croaking for more.  Serve these in clear disposable shot glasses to save on the washing up.

Sleep Cycle - Disney Inspired Cocktails


Give your guests the  'beauty sleep' they all want with this Disney inspired 'adults only' beverage.  Click on the image for other fantastic Disney inspired cocktail drinks ('Glass Slipper' (Cinderella), 'Siren Song ' (The Little Mermaid) to name a few).  Serve this dreamy beverage in a martini or cocktail glass.
For Mickey Mouse inspired cocktails, Bad Juju cocktails (from the Princess and the Frog) and Crazed Captain cocktails (Peter Pan) click here.

Lava Flow Cocktail


Summer, Luaus, Hawaii and all things free - this cocktail looks like molten lava flowing down a volcano, but will be as cool as a Summer breeze.

Chocolate Cupcake Cocktail


Need I say more?! Combining all the good things in life this chocolate cupcake martini comes complete with rainbow sprinkles! Makes for a great birthday drink - YUM!

The Crazy Worm


This drink was found on Pinterest with the ingredients list included - dessert and drinks included!  Serve in our very popular 300ml clear plastic cup (lids can also be purchased separately).

Charleston Pink Lady Cocktail


A very easy to prepare yet very pretty looking drink, this creamy drink is shaken, not stirred.  Serve in our very elegant disposable cocktail party glass.

Don't forget to visit for all of your plastic wine glasses, cocktail and champagne glasses as well as plastic shot glasses (even squeezy shot glasses for the ever popular jelly shots!).  Bulk and carton buys available.