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Neon Glow Party Ideas

Neon Glow parties can be great fun for young kids, teenagers or even adults.  Neon glow themed parties allow for great versatility and creativity as you can create a theme within this theme.  For example an 80s glow party would be a blast, a glow bowling party, or get even more creative with a zebra glow party by mixing black and white zebra prints with anything neon and glowing.

The best time to host a neon glow party would obviously be at night, however if this is not possible there are some things you can do that will help.  Covering all windows with black cardboard will help to block out any light that may be showing.  Hosting your party somewhere with little very natural light, like a garage would be ideal.   To decorate your party space during the day or night, black party supplies will be…well the new black.  Black plastic table cloths can be draped over walls, bookshelves or anything else that needs covering.  Plain black table cloths could be painted or decorated with fluorescent coloured paints or paper to look like graffiti.   Black and white check table cloths would look fantastic on the party tables with a range of fluorescent and glow coloured table ware. 

Black lights are a must for any kind of glow party as they make anything brightly coloured or white glow brightly.  Most glow in the dark products, fluorescent items (like fluorescent cups, straws and even cocktail forks!), white paper and white or fluorescent clothing with reactive really well under a black light.  One thing you need to be careful of is that you have a very clean room, as any piece of lint or dirt shows up under black light!  It might be a good idea to test this out well before you start to decorate your room just to be sure!

Glow sticks are also a must for any glow party.  Glow sticks, necklaces and bracelets can be used for guests to wear, however they can also be used creatively as part of the decorations.  Use small glow sticks and different sized hula hoops to make a fantastic glowing chandelier.  Place different sized and different coloured glow sticks into glass fish bowls or vases for cool glowing table centerpieces.  String together different coloured glow bracelets for fantastic glowing garlands that can be hung around the room.  Inflate a range of brightly coloured balloons with activated glow sticks inside them and strew them over the floor…or hang them from various places around your room.

If you choose your party food and drinks carefully, they too can be part of the glowing decorations.  Mountain Dew soft drink glows really well under black light, orange soft drinks would also look great.  Any kind of brightly coloured lollies and lollipops in clear containers would work really well under black lights, and if glow sticks were added into the containers, the lollies would appear to glow themselves!  Serve cupcakes with fluro coloured icing in white cupcake cases on a black and white cupcake stand for some glow-tastic cupcakes!

Check out the Shindigs Pinterest page for more great neon glow party ideas!