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Party Themes For Kids

The first step to any great birthday party is to decide on a theme for the special occasion.  It could be something as simple as a colour combination that you carry throughout the event or something fun like a 'Super Heroes & Heroines' themed party which gives an opportunity for the guests to dress in character.  Deciding on a theme can be a little overwhelming at times - but it doesn't have to be.  Think about something that captures the essence of that person - for example if it's for a little girl who's quite girly, a princess theme may be ideal - or perhaps a pretty flower or garden theme, mermaids or even a ladybug themed party.  For a young boy a soccer themed party may his thing, or maybe sports in general.  If he likes trains, trucks and cars you may like to theme the party around that. 

Here are some fun and unique party theme ideas for kids; we have picked 4 unique and fun party themes with some decorating ideas to help get you started and inspired.

1)  Lego Party - Lego is so popular for kids of all ages and can make for a great and brightly coloured party theme.  Usually a theme for young boys, bold solid colours can be used such as yellow (a must), red, royal blue and green.  This makes colour coordination a breeze!  Party decorations are a snap - there are some great decorations and tableware that can be purchased, added to some cool homemade decorations will help to make your Lego themed party unique and personalised.  Consider using rectangular pieces of cardboard with the same coloured circles attached to the front to look like pieces of Lego.  Hang these around the room or stick them to walls and doors.  Use this same idea to create cool Lego shaped loot bags the kids will love!  Actually use Lego in your decorations - build the birthday boy's age onto a Lego base and use that as your banner; make containers from Lego to hold the party napkins or cutlery; place Lego pieces in a glass vase or container for decorations and have it double as a Lego guessing competition; serve rectangles of cake or brownies with coloured icing and smarties to look like Lego pieces...the options are endless!!!

2) Mermaid Party - Most little girls love mermaids, including Ariel, the most famous Little Mermaid.  A mermaid themed party allows a broad scope for the decorations allowing for your creative side to shine.  You could use the Little Mermaid as the focus; choose blues, greens, pinks and pearls for a pretty girly under the sea feel or even try something outside the box by decorating with pearly ivory colours, pinks, peaches and sandy colours.  A castle cake tin provides the basis for a beautiful sandcastle cake and seashell chocolates would make the perfect treat for all your little mermaid guests.  Seashells will make for the perfect centrepieces and decorations and they can be found at the beach or purchased from most cheap shops.  Crepe paper streamers in blues and greens make ideal decorations and if stuck on the wall can be twisted for a great 'seaweed' effect.  Iridescent tablecloths, sequinned drapes and fishnets will add to the effect of an underwater wonderland.  Cutouts of dolphins and fish all add to the under the sea feel of a mermaid party.  A treasure chest filled with pearls, jewels and shells make for a great centrepiece decoration.
3) Neon Glow Party - This theme is general enough to allow for some great decoration ideas with just the glow side...add a black light  and your options increase immensely!  Glow sticks, bracelets, necklaces and earrings are a must and make for easy party decorations if worn by your guests.  Use small glow sticks and two different sized rings to create a fabulous glow in the dark chandelier - sure to be the talking point of the party!  Use black light face and body paint to paint your guests' faces or arms early in the party (before you turn down the lights of course!).  Anything neon and bright for the table will easily add to the 'neon glow' effect, think curly straws, flashing glasses and brightly coloured plates and napkins on a black tablecloth.  Bright neon coloured balloons with black crepe paper streamers or ribbons add to the funky neon effect.  Slinkies make for great little table decorations or as part of the guests' lootbags.


4) Mad Hatter Tea Party - This theme allows you to get really creative and quirky with your decorations!  Think grass look-alike plastic tablecloths or even a black and white check tablecloth, tea party tableware, top hats, playing cards, the playing card symbols cutouts or shapes (club, spade, diamond and heart), novelty clocks, add back and white check plates, a polka dot napkins here and there tissue paper pom poms, giant tissue paper flowers, novelty shapes balloons, an odd pair of bunny ears, an odd setting of teapots and random teacups and saucers and topped off with quirky food and drink labels saying 'Eat Me' and 'Drink Me' and you'll have a party to be remembered!  The option for design are endless here, you can choose a specific colour theme, keep to the Disney Alice in Wonderland design, or make it totally quirky and random - it's all up to you and your sense of fun!  Consider a quirky candy buffet with rainbow striped lollipops, love heart candy, assorted lollipops and licorice allsorts.

Just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing for your next kids birthday party...there are even more great ideas to be found at as well as stocks a fantastic range of kids party decorations, balloons, cake decorating supplies as well as an extensive range of costumes and costume accessories - and the range grows constantly!