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Star Wars Costumes!

These ARE the costumes you’re looking for! Whether it’s a birthday party or a good old fashioned fancy dress party, Star Wars costumes are still all the rage after all this time! Whether it’s everyone’s favourite princess with buns on the side of her head, or the original lightsabre wielding baddie, Darth Vader, all of the characters from this epic space saga are instantly recognisable and make for memorable party costumes! Shindigs has got heaps of costume accessories that’ll help make your Star Wars costume a galactic hit! So take a look through our little blog and get some inspiration for your Star Wars costume – it’ll give you a new hope for your next costume party!



You can check out our full range of Star Wars costumes online right here! There’s costumes for kids (Jedi & Princess Leia) and adults (Princess Leia, Darth Vader & Jedi), as well as a Darth Vader mask and a Storm Trooper mask! With some creativity (and plenty of material), you can even make some Star Wars costumes from scratch! Use some gold face and body paint to dress up as C-3PO, or use an animal onesie as the basis for a Chewbacca or Ewok costume!



All of these costumes would be perfect for a Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you!) celebration, so make sure to get prepared early! You can find Star Wars party costumes online at Shindigs – may the force be with you!