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The Wonder of Cookie Cutters!

Cookie cutters are a quick way to make amazing biscuits – no matter if you’re a cookie making extraordinaire, or a total novice! With a good cookie recipe, some key decorating ingredients (fondant or icing is your friend here) and some quality cookie cutters, there’s no stopping you from making some delicious culinary wonders! We’ve recently had a huge range of cookie cutters arrive here at Shindigs, sure to help you on your way – think of a shape and, chances are, we’ve got it!


After they’re made, the cookies can be iced to suit a colour scheme. The cookie batter itself can be coloured, too! However, trying to suit food items to a theme can be difficult, but with such a wide range of designs, we’ve got your back! How about the T-Rex for a dinosaur party? Or the ballerina for a ballet party? Butterflies, kangaroos, poodles, snowflakes and more! Talk about choice!


There’s even letter and number cookie cutters, just perfect for making age, name and message cookies! They can be coordinated with our other design cookie cutters for a complete biscuit overload at your occasion! That doesn’t sound bad to us! 


We have a huge range of cake decorating supplies in store as well – just another arsenal of cake making tools at your disposal! With small blocks of fondant to add decorations to your cookies and buttercream icing to cover large portions of them, you may find that Shindigs becomes your one stop cookie making shop (I guess that’s just the way the cookie crumbles!) 


There's heaps of cookie cutters and cake decorating supplies online at Shindigs .
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