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Clear Party Supplies & Decorations

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Blink and you'll miss the clear colour trend!

Minimalist parties are having a moment and the number one colour for them is "clear". Whether the colour scheme is white, natural brown or rainbow and the host doesn't want to overwhelm the barrage of bright of colours, clear decorations are a definite go-to solution. Clear plastic is subtle, high class and 100% on trend right now. Throw the trendiest get together on record with Shindigs.

Need some inspiration? Consider these neat ideas...


Add clear tableware and cutlery to your next clear themed event


Throwing a clear themed soire for your birthday? Add some clear table covers and protect the tables in the most subtle way possible. Clear balloons with the birthday person's age are great mixed in with a few coloured balloons to break up the lack of colour.

Clear party bowls are perfect for serving multicoloured lollies at your next party. Throw in a kilo packet of mini mixed coloured jelly beans and brighten up the room in the sweetest way possible. Don't forget to provide clear plastic salad tongs to scoop the jelly beans into the gift bags.

Our range of clear party decorations and supplies are constantly expanding. If you are looking for any clear party supplies or decorations look no further. Our online store offers shipping Australia wide!


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