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Australia is one of the world’s biggest sporting nations and from season to season there are plenty of sport occasions locally and globally that need to be celebrated. Shindigs have a large range of party products to help celebrate all kinds of sporting events including Sport Finals, School Sport meets, NRL Party Supplies, Grand Final decorations, FIFA World Cup Soccer decorations, The Olympics and Commonwealth games, Rugby World Cup - really any sport you can think of.

Coloured Crepe Paper and Crepe Paper Streamers are a versatile way to decorate any space large or small in your Country or sport team colours. You can use these to create photo drop backgrounds and decorate large cheer signs. Coloured curling ribbon is another great way to add a bit of flair to your hair and supporter signs. Team coloured balloons are a simple way to decorate your end of year presentation and come in a range of different colours to create any team colour combo - local customers have been coming to Shindigs for years for their soccer and football presentation decorations. 

Like any great sport event, it would be nothing without the crazy fans - dress up to support your team at their next big match. We've got hundreds of costume accessories in plenty of colour options to dress up for the occasion. Coloured Tutus are all the rage right now and are perfect for School Swimming and Athletics Carnival as we generally have all the house colours - Red, Green, Yellow and Blue. You can't be a true supporter without a set of Cheerleader Pom Poms, check out our full colour range and remember if we don't have the right colour check out our Crepe Paper streamers and create your own DIY cheerleader pom poms.

With our large range of Face Paints, costume accessories, NRL footy team party decorations, soccer decorations, State of Origin Party Supplies, Country Waving Flags Streamers and Balloons you will be spoilt for choices to decorate any sport team grand final, presentation night, schools sport carnivals and general supporter gear.

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