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Helpful Hint:
Bubble balloons are unique balloons made from a plastic material.  They are suitable for anyone with latex allergies and are more pop resistant than most other balloons, they can also withstand outside pressure changes, are self sealing and do not oxidise! Bubble balloons need to be inflated correctly for them to perform well - full instructions are available on the back of the packaging and need to be followed exactly.  If inflated correctly they float for 2-4 weeks!!!
For a helpful video on how to correctly inflate these balloons, check out our Facebook How-To here!

Please note that due to the nature of transporting helium there is no option to order inflated balloons through our online store. All balloons are shipped flat uninflated. Please contact us if you would like any further information or if you are in the Newcastle area and would like to order inflated balloons or balloon arrangements to be picked up from our Newcastle store.

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