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Please note that due to the nature of transporting helium there is no option to order inflated balloons through our online store. All balloons are shipped flat uninflated. Please contact us if you would like any further information or if you are in the Newcastle area and would like to order inflated balloons or balloon arrangements to be picked up from our Newcastle store.

Shindigs stocks a massive range of helium balloons in a variety of different shapes and sizes for all sorts of occasions.  Our range of foil balloons includes printed party balloons, plain coloured party balloons, giant number balloons, giant letter balloons, amazing airwalker balloons, and other large shaped helium balloons.

Foil balloons are actually made from a thin, un-stretchable, metallised film called Mylar.  One of the best things about these types of balloons is that they can hold the helium for much longer than latex balloons can - these balloons can last from a couple of days to a couple of weeks (if filled correctly).  If you are filling foil balloons yourself you do need to be careful - they do not stretch and if you over-fill them they will POP!!!  If you are filling them with helium, we advise to under-inflate your party balloons slightly.  The reason for this is that helium expands in the heat, so if you slightly under-inflate your balloon, there will be room for the helium to expand.  These balloons also have a self-sealing valve so there is no need to tie the end up, simply tie your ribbon or string underneath the valve and you're done!  We do recommend that you tape the tied ribbon to your balloon if they are going outside, as the Mylar (or foil) can slip through the ribbon - and bye bye balloon!

Our supershape range of party balloons are very popular for all sorts of occasions and themes including jungle theme, Hawaiian themed, number balloons, letter balloons, wedding themed, baby shower themed and even licenced balloons like Dora, Thomas the Tank, Mickey Mouse and Disney Princess.  There are balloons for St Patrick's Day, Halloween, Melbourne Cup, and many happy birthday designs.

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