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Although 28cm latex balloons look great in an arrangement or loose and hanging from the ceiling, many customers want some large balloons to take up some space at the party. And to those customers we say look no further! Our 90cm latex balloons aren’t just big – they’re huge!

We’ve recently received a new range of colours in our 90cm balloon range and they suit heaps of different themes. The ivory, white and clear balloons are perfect for engagements, weddings and other classy occasions – you can even put confetti inside the clear balloon for some extra wow factor! Blue and teal work brilliantly for an Under the Sea themed party – too much choice!

The black 90cm balloon filled with either pink or blue confetti is especially popular for baby showers. Simply build the suspense, then pop the balloon and reveal the gender of the baby to your guests using the medium of confetti – how artistic! (Just make sure to tell your guests before you pop it – no-one likes a surprise balloon pop!) We also have the Baby Boy and Baby Girl 90cm latex balloons, for those who aren’t big fans of secrets!

These balloons look brilliant tied down to a jumbo silver weight – a jumbo weight is necessary, as the balloon would fly away and take any smaller weight with it! They make a perfect backdrop to take photos against (or a photo prop itself) or they make an impressive border for a party area. Just make sure you don’t use too many, otherwise there may be no room for party guests!

Take a look at our 90cm latex and other balloons for all your party balloon needs! Other size large balloons are also included in this category. 

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