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Huge range of cupcake boxes available from Shindigs

Looking for a perfect gift for your guests? What about a personal cupcake? 
Cupcakes are a perfect present for your guests - they're an affordable and delicious gift. You can present them beautifully in these clear bonbonniere boxes for a luxurious gift, You can also bake them in these beautiful polka dot baking cups and simply leave them on a table by the exit for your guests to grab as they leave. 

Baking cupcakes is an incredibly fun activity, and Shindigs has everything you need to bake and decorate your cupcakes. 

Our cupcake boxes are also perfect if you're creating cupcakes as a gift for a friend or family member - we have cupcake boxes in a range of sizes and colours. We have a range of matching cupcake cases for you to create an extra-gorgeous cupcake. 

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