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Looking for the perfect way of making your cakes and cupcakes look as wonderful as they taste? Look no further! At Shindigs, we have a range of cake stands and cupcake stands that are just perfect for every occasion! They’re suitable for use by the most experienced of cake-makers, or a novice looking to impress with their first foray into the wonderful world of cake-making!

All of our cake & cupcake stands are easily assembled and are the perfect centrepiece of any party – people will have to admire the artistry of the cake display before digging in!

We have a large range of stands which are suited for specific occasions – 1st birthday cupcake stands, Christmas cupcake stands and baby shower cake stands – and plain coloured cupcake stands to suit various occasions! We even have a disposable white 3 tier cake stand, perfect for those looking for a simple, yet decorative way to present their delicious creations!

There are also cupcake stands suited for different themed children’s parties – princess party cupcake stand for a princess party, Toy Story cupcake stand for a Toy Story party and a Disney Princess cupcake stand for a Disney Princess party. Sure to be a big hit at any child’s party!

Those looking for a lovely patterned cake stand that will suit any occasion can also choose from our lovely black and white damask print cupcake standsilver 3 tier cupcake stand or our polka dot cupcake stands in black, light blue and light pink – pink or blue for a baby shower, black for a Hen’s Night or Halloween party and, of course, any of the three would be perfect for a polka dot party!

Each of our cupcake stands is sure to impress at the party and can be easily coordinated with our cake decorating supplies, making Shindigs your one stop cake supply shop!
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