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Candy Bar Jars

Show off your candy in style with our range of glass jars!

Candy goes in candy jars - the same way that socks go in sock drawers, and matches go in boxes. No self-respecting lollie-lover would leave their loot lying around when you can stash it in our variety of glass candy jars. But if you’ve already eaten all the candy, you can use these terrific candy bar jars to store anything else in the kitchen, bathroom, craft room, or even the tool shed. They come in different shapes and sizes just like your candy, so they’re practical, and they’ll look great in any home. If you think round candy should go in round jars, then check out this 11cm by 10cm candy jar, perfect to store your jelly beans. And we know you’re in a hurry to organise your sweets stash, so order online, and if you spend over $49, we’ll do super-fast free delivery. 

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