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Are you less than keen on costume parties? Do you know someone who doesn't get excited by the thought of getting dressed up? We have a solution here at Shindigs that'll help, not only to make you feel like you're not even wearing a costume, but to make you the best dressed at any costume party! No, it's not magic or other such trickery, but the new range of Faux Real costume shirts available in our range.
These printed shirts are designed to either be a simple, full costume by themselves, or to be coordinated with a few costume accessories here and there! You'll find a few ideas here that'll make your next dress up party fun - even for those with a severe aversion to fancy dress!
 Many of the shirts work for generic dress up parties (even Halloween parties!), but some are also designed for specific themes. For example, the toy cowboy shirt works for a Western theme party, the hippie shirt for a 60s theme party and the swashbuckler costume for a pirate party. Talk about convenient!

We even have shirts for specific occasions throughout the year! Our men's and women's Oktoberfest shirts are a sure go for any Oktoberfest celebrations - fantastisch!
If you were looking to accessorise a bit, you could look through our costume accessories range for some ideas and inspiration! Whether it be the glasses for the school girl shirt, the hat for the cowboy shirt, or the wig and nose for the clown shirt. You may even turn some nay sayers into a costume party buff!
You can find heaps of supplies in our costume range and costume shirt range online at Shindigs 
Click on the images for more information, or visit our Shindigs Party Pinterest page. 
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