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Cool down in style with our range of colured feather fans!

Are you a feather fan? Or just a fan of feather fans. Well our range of feather fans will have feather fan fans swooning with delight. Feathers are not only handy for keeping birds warm at night but when the birds don’t need them anymore, you can look like a flapper yourself with a feather fan to compliment your costume. They’re great for the burlesque style look, red carpet or any fancy dress theme you can think of. Our feather fans are 25cm long when closed, so they’re handy to tuck into your bag when you’re not fanning. They come in a range of colours, or choose white and coordinate with any outfit. Order online and transform your costume from ‘something’s missing’ to ‘seriously stylish’. They’re such great value, you could buy enough to supply an entire chorus line. Spend over $49 and we’ll deliver free to your door.
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