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Find all of the extra accessories you need for party preparations here!  Shindigs online party shop stocks many different types of adhesives, sticky tapes, check ticket books and party wristbands.

Our range of adhesives caters for many different uses such as DIY invitations, party decorating, craft projects and much more!  Sellotape Sticky Dots are a great adhesive product for all your decorating and crafting needs - we stock both the permanent and removable Sticky Dots.  The permanent mini sticky dots are a small clear glue dot that allow you to quickly and easily attach small items in many different situations such as DIY invitations.  These dots are double sided, acid-free and lignin-free - perfect for scrapbooking too!  The medium removable Sticky Dots are great for your party decorating needs as they are large enough to be easy to use but small enough to not be visible.  They are so easy to use - simply tear off the quantity of Sticky Dots required from the perforated sheet, remove the backing paper, firmly press the Sticky Dot onto the item you wish to stick, remove the clear film and simply press the item onto the second surface - Simple!  When you are using Sticky Dots for party decorating, we recommend that you test the surface area to be decorated first as some surfaces take to Sticky Dots better than others.  To remove the removable Dots, gently roll it off the surface with your fingertip.  We also stock UHU White Tac, just like Blu Tac without the colour staining - great for decorating as it doesn't show through on white paper!  We also stock invisible sticky tape, transparent sticky tape and double sided sticky tape.

Wristbands are a very popular items for parties, functions, shows and corporate events.  Tyvek wristbands are commonly mistaken as 'paper wristbands' and while the material Tyvek is similar to paper in some ways it is actually a synthetic material made from polyethylene fibres which are spun together and then bonded together using heat and pressure.  The benefits of using this product for wristbands is that it is lightweight, very difficult to tear but cuts well with scissors and it is also water-proof making it perfect for pool parties and water theme parks.  Our range of Tyvek wristbands come in a variety of bright colours in packs of 50 or 100.  If you are looking for wholesale or large quantities, please contact us and we would be more than happy to assist you.

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