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Paper Wristbands For Events & Parties

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ID wristbands, party wristbands and paper wristbands available online

Looking for a convenient and easy way of keeping track of your party guests? Look no further! Shindigs has all of your ID wristband needs!


ID wristbands are perfect for festivals, shows, play centres, concerts, night clubs & bars, hospitals, sporting events, private parties, birthdays, water parks, theme parks, fairs and to verify your drinkers! They're also ideal for use at 18th and 21st birthday parties with lots of expected guests.


Here at Shindigs, we have two kinds of wristbands in assorted bright colours. The TYVEK paper wristbands are waterproof and self-adhesive (once wrapped around the wrist, the only way to remove it is to cut it with scissors.) The vinyl wristbands click together around the wrist and also can only be removed by cutting the band. Both types come in bulk packs or in smaller amounts.


Our ID wristbands come in a huge range of colours to suit all occasions. Why not have an Olympics Party, and separate your guests into teams at random by handing them a wristband when they arrive? You'll be sure to have an awesome party with plenty of stories! 


Browse our selection below to find the right wristband for your next event. If you're looking for a particular style, use the filters to find the right colour. 

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