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Treasure those autographs for years to come!

For the perfect tactile keepsake, check out our range of signing bears and hounds. These are the perfect gift for someone who wants to keep their precious moments front and centre of their room. You can celebrate that special sporting win or graduation with one of these keepsake signature bears. Your friends will love signing a special message to your on your special day. These gifts will last you years - it's the kind of special gift you will keep to remember all the big events in your life. 

Bring a signature bear to your graduation and remember all the fun memories you had with your friends every time you bring out your bear. They're a fantastic addition to a school or university reunion - you will love seeing the messages from your old friends.

Signature bears are a beautiful gift from students to their teacher - the whole class can write a special message to their favourite teacher who will cherish the gift forever. 

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