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Party Glow Sticks

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Our glow products are perfect for all your glow in the dark events!

A party just isn’t a party until you bring out the glow sticks. Our party glow sticks are 6 inches of pure glow-in-the-dark fun. You can keep any shindig illuminated and keep track of where everyone is…all through the night and into the next.

You can take your glow sticks to the beach on a summer night, or use them by the pool with friends. Hang them near doors, light up pathways or tie a bunch together and string them up instead of ordinary lights. And glow sticks are not just for parties. They’re perfect to take camping or fishing or keep some in the car for those night time emergency situations.

Glow sticks come in an assortment of colours too, so get your glow happening by ordering online, and if you spend over $49, we’ll waive your glow stick deliver cost.
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