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Pillar Candles at Wholesale Prices!

Pillar Candles are perfect for so many different occasions. We here at Shindigs have a variety of sizes ranging between 7.5cm and 22.5cm in height. The most common use for White Unscented Pillar candles is Weddings, Christenings and Baptisms. Shindigs carry two different styles in our Unscented Pillar Candles both Flat Top and Church Pointed Tops. Flat Top Pillar Candles are more used as a Wedding Centrepiece candle, often used in tall glass jars or in various styles to create a staggered effect on mirrored plates. Church Pillar Candles are often used as Christening Candles and Baptism Candles. Our candles are smooth and have frequently been purchased by customers to decorate for occasions such as Christenings and Baptisms.

Our scented Pillar candles are a great way to create a relaxed ambience to your home, office Massages, Therapy rooms or even to incorporate a colour into your wedding reception centrepieces. We carry approx. 15 different scented candles in our range, including: Mandarin & Mango, Black Jasmine and Neroli, Ocean Breeze, Frangipani, Lemongrass, Cherry Blossom and everyone's favourite Vanilla scent. Our Scented Pillar candles come in a two different height sizes – 15cm and 7.5cm, however, we do have them available in Votive size, Tea lights and in glass jars


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