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Gorgeous selection of wish candles

Have you ever heard someone complain that they have too many birthday candles?

Nope, because it's never a problem. 

You can never have too many wish candles, especially ones as beautiful as the ones we stock at Shindigs. We stock a range of gorgeous wish candles, perfect for celebrating any event. Did you know wish candles have different colours for different meaning? Purple wish candles are meant to provide power, while our pink candles can give you affection or romance. Whether you believe in the symbolic significance or not, candles are a fun way to celebrate a milestone. 

You can use these lovely 10cm tall candles to really wow your guests at the next event - put as many as possible onto the guest of honour's cake for a really dramatic surprise when it's time to blow out the candles. These wish candles are highly pigmented, making them perfect for a rainbow cake covered in white frosting. You can even use the candles as a subtle decoration - the hot pink candles would make for a perfect addition to a Barbie themed party. Check out our range of birthday candles and novelty candles to complete your candle decorations. 

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