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Plastic Shot Glasses

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Get yourself some plastic shot glasses and disposable shot glasses today

Have you heard the rumour that shot glasses are uncool?

Yeah, we haven't either. 

Because shot glasses will always be cool. They will always be a party essential and they should always be in your shopping basket when buying party gear. 
Shot glasses are the swiss army knives of parties. There, we said it. plastic shot glasses are so multi-purposeful, they really should be considered a party essential.

Need a home for your personal stash of tomato sauce? Say hello to a shot glass. 

Have some jelly which needs to be easily distributed? Pick up some plastic shot glasses and you are right to go my friend. Whether it's a clear shot glass or coloured shot glasses - you will find what you need at Shindigs. 

If you're worried about losing your personal shot glass, simply grab one of our shot glass necklaces - you'll never be without a shot glass in your moment of need. 

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