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Cellophane Rolls & Wrap

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Endless cellophane rolls and wrap for your event. Shop online with Shindigs!

Ever looked at a costume or gift box and thought it could use a little something extra? The answer is cellophane. It’s a simple, colourful way to add a fun twist to any party or present. 

It may sound crazy but cellophane makes a great addition to a costume. Dressing up as a vampire for Halloween but don't want to commit to messy fake blood? Grab some red cellophane wrap and cut it into strips so you can hang it off your chin and shirt. You could even dress up as the ocean or in ocean theme and hang strips of blue and green from your arms for an aquatic fantasy feel. 


Cellophane wrap is fantastic for gift wrapping and stuffing, too. Fill a bridal bonbonniere box with scrunched clear cellophane for a crystal effect and pop a present for the guest in the middle or simply wrap a plain gift box in brightly coloured cellophane for a smooth, shiny finish. 

Colourful cellophane is one of the most versatile pieces of stationery around. You can even deck out the party with cellophane as decorations! Hang long strips of blue and green cellophane from the ceiling for a “Under the Sea” dance with foil fish balloons, blue fishnets and pirate costumes galore. If it’s a kid’s car themed party try scrunching red cellophane up for the fire coming from the car exhaust or tyres. It’ll make Lightning McQueen look like he’s racing faster than he ever has before. 

Whether you're decorating a party, jazzing up a birthday cake, wrapping a gift or stuffing bonbonniere boxes as a party favour, we've got cellophane for you. Browse our range online today and contact us on (02) 4950 9561 if you need help checking out.

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