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Metallic Cutlery is a great way to show elegance without the added price tag or hire fees. Cleaning up at the end of any party is always the worst bit; however with our disposable metal look cutlery you're sure to save some time and be able to put those feet up even earlier. Purchase your discount party supplies at Shindigs and stay well under budget for your next big event. 

Rose Gold is the most recent colour to hit the party scene and our customers are going crazy for it. Shindigs is now carrying Metallic Rose Gold cutlery to match in with all other Rose Gold party supplies and birthday party decorations. Rose Gold Knives, Rose Gold Spoons, Rose Gold Forks, Rose Gold Teaspoons and also a full Rose Gold Cutlery sets are a great way to add this up and coming colour into your next party and its easily matched in with Rustic themed parties to add a little extra class. 

Silver Metallic cutlery is the perfect addition for a sophisticated party look. Save on the washing up and purchase plastic cutlery that looks just like proper silverware and have your guests amazed that they are actually just plastic. Metallic Silver Spoons, Forks, Knives are the perfect option for budget DIY Wedding and Engagement party. 


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