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Fire Engine Party Supplies & Decorations

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“A firefighter! Of course”. If you have a little one, you’ve probably heard this a million times in response to that age old question – ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ If your kid is not in the astronaut phase, chances are they are dreaming of sliding down that giant pole in their fluoro suit to jump in the gleaming red truck to go and save the world.
If you have a birthday coming up, the party theme is a no brainer, and we have enough fire engine party decorations online to douse your party planning stress. Your little one’s mates will be thinking your Sam is the hero next door if you can pull off a blazing birthday bash.
Browse our super selection below to spark up your fire engine party ideas. We have fire engine party cups, balloons, napkins and loot bags. The fireman shaped plates and our bright red fire engine piñata will set the little partygoers alight with glee.
To top it all off you can buy cheap red fire chief helmets and head to toe firefighter costumes for all of the kids to live out their future dreams. Just remember to turn the barbecue off after you finish the snags, the costumes won’t fool anyone – you don’t want the firefighting party to be too realistic. There’s only so much excitement the kids can handle!
If you need a bit more kindling to fire up the excitement, you can turn your house into a fiery inferno with our selection of red, orange and yellow party decorations. Stock up online now and grab all of your cheap fire engine party supplies from the comfort of your own lounge chair, with superfast delivery!
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