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Star Party Supplies & Decorations

Still looking for the perfect theme for your next big bash? Impress your friends with a trendy, avant-garde Star Party. We’ve got all the Star Party supplies you’ll need to create a fashion forward celebration, from packets of Star printed balloons to hanging star decorations and  Piñatas.

It's the perfect party theme for young children that have their sights set high in the sky, Baby showers and 1st birthdays. There are so many Balloons option when it comes to having a star party - we have specific aged Star Foil Balloons, star printed latex, glow star balloons and a supershape foil as well. As much as we would like to, you can't just use balloons to decorate a party you'll also need some star themed table wear like napkins and table scatters. We have an ever expanding cake decorating section that also has some great Star Cake decorating bits and pieces like mini star cake tins, star cookies cutters, diamante star cake toppers, and star shaped piping nozzles. These days you can't have a party without making a trip down the lolly aisle and here at Shindigs we have you covered with all the foil wrapped star chocolates in everyone's favourite colours. Traditionally when you think of stars you imagine them to be either gold or silver, why stop there when Shindigs has brightly coloured hanging star decorations to brighten up your party space. There are limitless options when it comes to having a star party and ways to decorate. This section is going to point you in the right direction to have an out of this galaxy Star Party. 

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