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Dude, throwing a 90s party is hella dope! Gather all of your home skillets at your crib with some mad food and drink and just chill - it's so fly! But seriously, a party that harks back to the last 10 years of the 20th century is always loads of fun, not only to celebrate, but to plan! Take influence from iconic 90s pop culture to influence your decorations, costumes and food & drinks. 90s parties being difficult to throw? As if! Trust us, your party is gonna be wicked. 

The most exciting part of any 90s party is the variety of costumes people can wear. Whether it be influenced by one of the iconic TV shows above, or depicting a famous person or fad that took off during the decade (e.g. rubiks cubes), the costumes revive fond memories of the decade and the interesting fashion choices people were making... The Spice Girls, F.R.I.E.N.D.S., Clueless, Fresh Prince, Saved By The Bell, grunge music, glitter hairspray, denim overalls - the memories are flooding back now, aren't they?

As for the decorations, following the same influences as the costumes would work a treat. That means you could use cutouts of your favourite characters and stick them to walls and/or hanging decorations, along with some balloons, whilst some Spice Girls or Britney Spears plays over the party. Your guests will be all "this is mad cool" and you'll be all "word." As well as this, some '90' cutouts, usually used for 90th birthday parties, would work for the party too, providing you with some pre-made decorations. No need to stress, just chill and have a wicked relaxed time preparing the decorations. 

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