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Custom Printed Balloons

Want to stand out from the Crowd? 

Having balloons custom printed with your design or logo and in your colours can be an excellent way of:

The cost of printing depends upon the following:

Shindigs uses one of Australia’s leading print companies for all our print work to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction and a terrific end result.

The balloon colours available for printing (as shown below) are different to the usual range carried and stocked by Shindigs. The colours shown below are as close as possible to the colours of the balloons themselves. Please be aware that digital colours may vary from monitor to monitor, so that the actual balloon colour may vary slightly form the colour viewed on your screen.

If exact matching of balloon colours to your corporate colours is essential you must supply your corporate PMS colours. An exact match may not be available as balloons only come in a set range of colours. Our trained staff will however advise and make you aware of your options.

These balloons can be filled with air or with helium.


To arrange a quote for your custom printing, please download the form below, fill it out and then email or fax it back along with a file of the logo or printing required.

                     Click here To Download Quote Form                                              Click Here for The Balloon Printing Process

(Please note that occasionally due to the requirements of a particular print job we may need to use our alternative printer and not all balloon colours below are available.)

11 brilliant, transparent colors
Digital colors may vary from actual colors.


Ruby Red Balloon
Ruby Red

Sapphire Blue Balloon
Sapphire Blue

Emerald Green Balloon
Emerald Green
Citrine Yellow Balloon
Citrine Yellow
Quartz Purple Balloon
Quartz Purple
Sparkling Burgundy Balloon
Sparkling Burgundy

Mandarin Orange Balloon
Mandarin Orange


Jewel Magenta
Jewel Lime Balloon
Jewel Lime
Jewel Teal Balloon
Jewel Teal

Diamond Clear Balloon
Diamond Clear




15 fashionable colors
Digital colors may vary from actual colors.

Purple Violet
Purple Violet
Spring Lilac Balloon
Spring Lilac


Robin's Egg
Robin's Egg


Periwinkle Balloon

Tropical Teal Balloon
Tropical Teal
Rose Balloon


Rose Balloon
Wild Berry


Goldenrod Balloon
Lime Green Balloon
Lime Green


Wintergreen Balloon
Ivory Silk Balloon
Ivory Silk
Blush Balloon
Mocha Brown Balloon
Mocha Brown


Chocolate Brown Balloon


Onyx Black Balloon
Onyx Black


Pastel Pearls
10 pastels with pearlized surfaces  
Digital colors may vary from actual colors.
Pearl White Balloon
Pearl White



Pearl Ivory Balloon
Pearl Ivory
Pearl Pink Balloon
Pearl Pink
Pearl Lavendar Balloon
Pearl Lavender
Pearl Light Blue Balloon
Pearl Light Blue
Pearl Mint Green Balloon
Pearl Mint Green
Pearl Azure Balloon
Pearl Azure

Pearl Lemon Chiffon Balloon
Pearl Lemon Chiffon



Pearl Peach Balloon
Pearl Peach
Pearl Sea Green Balloon
Pearl Sea Green

Radiant Pearls 
13 rich colors with pearlized surfaces
Digital colors may vary from actual colors. 

Pearl Sapphire Blue Balloon
Pearl Sapphire Blue
Pearl Quartz Purple Balloon
Pearl Quartz Purple
      Pearl Ruby Red Balloon
Pearl Ruby Red

Pearl Magenta
Pearl Burgundy Balloon
Pearl Burgundy
Pearl Onyx Balloon
Pearl Onyx Black
Pearl Teal Balloon
Pearl Teal
        Pearl Citrine Yellow Balloon
Pearl Citrine Yellow
Pearl Emerald Green Balloon
Pearl Emerald Green
Pearl Forest Green Balloon
Pearl Forest Green



Pearl Lime
Pearl Lime Green
Pearl Midnight Blue Balloon
Pearl Midnight Blue
       Pearl Mandarin Orange
Pearl Mandarin Orange

6 bright, neon colors
Digital colors may vary from actual colors.
Neon Green Balloon
Neon Green
Neon Pink Balloon
Neon Pink
Neon Orange Balloon
Neon Orange
  Neon Blue Balloon
Neon Blue
Neon Violet Balloon
Neon Violet

Neon Magenta Balloon
Neon Magenta

8 rich, bright Colours
Digital colors may vary from actual colors

White Balloon
Red Balloon
Yellow Balloon
Blue Balloon
Dark Blue

Green Balloon
Orange Balloon

Pink Balloon

2 rich metallics
Digital colors may vary from actual colors.

Gold Balloon


Silver Balloon