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I can't find what I'm after, does that mean you don't stock the items?
Do you sell wholesale?
How long do helium balloons last?
How do I order helium or balloon decorations for my function?
Do you hire any catering supplies or equipment?
Do you hire costumes?
How accurate are the colours of the balloons on your site?
Can someone other than me pick my order up in store?
I try to add products to my cart but nothing happens - why is that?

I can't find what I'm after, does that mean you don't stock the item?
Not necessarily- here are a few things you can do to check whether we have the item/s you are looking for:

Do you sell wholesale?
Yes, we can sell most products at wholesale or carton prices.  You will find some carton/bulk quantities available to purchase straight from our site (such as 100pk balloons and some catering supplies) and we are in the process of adding others.  If you cannot find a carton purchase price on this site, please read our Bulk Buying page for more information.  For companies or groups enquiring about special discounts please click here.

How long do helium balloons last (float)?

Please note that the following information is intended as a guide only.

We currently sell at least 3 different types of helium balloons on this site, each with a varying float life span. The actual float life span of helium filled balloons will vary depending on various factors including the volume of helium used at inflation, the temperature where the balloon is located once inflated, direct sun, wind and other weather conditions (The float times shown below are from the time of inflating your balloons to assist you in planning your function prepartion).  For foils, supershapes and bubbles, please read the inflating instructions on the packaging carefully.

When you are transporting helium filled balloons to your venue keep these handy tips in mind:

Conversely, helium contracts in the cold.  If it is a warm/hot day, putting your balloons into a heavily air conditioned environment will cause them to shrink quickly.  This will be more noticeable with foils than with latex baloons.  If this happens it is ok!  Once the balloons warm up a little they will reinflate.  If you find that your foils or supershapes are still looking deflated just before your function begins, simply pop a drinking straw into the self sealing valve and blow very slightly to top up the balloon.  This will not affect the float time of the balloon as there is still a large percentage of helium still in the balloon.  Be careful to take the straw immediately out of the valve as not doing so can cause the helium to leak out of your balloon. Give the flat valve a pinch to further ensure and assist the self seal.

How do I order helium or balloon decorations for my function?
Please note that ordering DIY helium tanks and balloon decorations can only be done through our Griffiths Rd, Lambton, Newcastle, NSW store.  Hiring helium tanks and DIY kits are strictly for pickup only from our Griffiths Rd store.  Balloon decorations by Shindigs can be picked up from in store or delivered by Shindigs in the Newcastle area (conditions and delivery charges apply).  Please contact us to place your order or for more information.  You can also click here for more information on helium hire.

Do you hire any catering supplies or party equipment?
No! Our focus is DIY parties and functions, and helping our customers to keep the costs down as much as possible and as such the only products we currently hire out are the helium cylinders. We have plenty of other great options, ideas and products for your functions and we are more than happy to help you plan your function using products such as disposable catering supplies. If you are looking to hire items then we suggest searching by "hire" online or in your local directory.

Do you hire costumes?
No! We do not hire any costume or dressup accessories - all of the products on our site are for sale only. We have many great, cost effective options for dressing up for your next function, from full costumes to wigs, props, accessories and masks.  For many themes we stock accessory pieces that can simply be worn with everyday clothing for easy and quick costume options!  Please note that for health reasons we are not able to refund or exchange some of our costumes and dressup accessories. Please see our returns & refunds policy for more information.

How accurate are the colours of the products on your site?
We have done our best to ensure the colours are as accurate as we can possibly make them, however due to the variances in computers, monitors and other digital equipment we cannot guarantee that the colours will be an exact match.  Sometimes inflated balloons will be slightly lighter in colour once inflated than when uninflated.  If the exact match of colours is an important factor for you (eg. if you are trying to match logo colours), we would suggest that you contact us, so that we can best assist you to match your colours accurately.

Can someone other than me pick my order up in store?
Yes!  All you need to do is select "Pick up in store" as the delivery option and make a note in the comments section.  Please ensure you type the person's full name - we will ask them for id when they come into the store to ensure we are giving them the right order!  All they have to do is print and sign their name - Easy!

 I try to add products to my cart but nothing happens - why is that?
This may be because your internet browser does not allow pop-up screens, which is required to add products to your cart.  This is usually the case with workplace internet browser systems.  Check your security settings and if you are able to, change the settings to allow for pop-up screens for this site.  If you cannot change the security settings, simply call us Mon-Fri, 9:30am-5:30pm, and our friendly staff will be more than happy to place the order for you.