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 Got a special event coming up? Are you celebrating that special someone in your life? Why not celebrate in the best way possible with a party! Birthday Parties are the best, when else do you get to eat and drink and be merry with your nearest and dearest?

Our range of birthday decorations and supplies will get your party all stocked up, so there's one less thing to think about. We have an incredibly vast range of themes to pick from, so you can have a party with a difference. 

Check out our Themes page for some serious inspiration, or if you want to do something a bit different why not have a party theme by a certain colour? We have a range of coloured party decorations and supplies, so there's no need to worry about not having enough to deck out your party. 

Want to throw a glittering, glamourous surprise party for the birthday boy or girl? Rose gold is the latest and greatest colour to hit the birthday party scene. Hide the gift pile with a rose gold tablecloth and serve treats on golden plates for a luxurious touch. Add a giant inflatable rose gold hashtag for the social media guru and spell their name in our range of rose gold letters. It'll be totally insta-worthy.

Throw a purple themed party for a guy or a gal! We have glimmering metallic purple numbers from 18 to celebrate the big birthdays and purple balloons to entertain the little ones. 

If inspiration still hasn't struck, check out our Pinterest page for a heap of ideas that will help with the creative process. Or, if all else fails, give our store a call! We'd love to help out in any way possible! (02) 4950 9561

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