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Red Decorations & Party Supplies

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Your guests will be seeing red... with our red themed party decorations!


The colour red is linked with danger, love and desire. It's a deep, vibrant, emotional colour which is perfect for a range of party themes including Masquerade, Rock'n'Roll, and Hollywood where guests can walk the red carpet feeling regal. 



Yep, this fiery colour is sure to get the party started. Check out these creative ideas on how to include the colour red in your party planning.



Spice up a Mexican Party with our range of red decorations



It's time to FIESTA! Mexican Parties are a fun, bright coloured theme which is screaming for red decorations. Make your costume look hot-hot-hot with our Mexican bead necklaces with chillies and a mini sombrero complete with red pom-poms and tassels. Don't forget to break open the red chilli pepper pinata and collect all tasty treats inside. 



Ho-ho! Match your red decorations to a magical Mickey Mouse theme!



There's nothing cuter than a good old-fashioned Mickey Mouse Party. Mickey is a timeless, ever-popular character we all love to love. Dress the kids in Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse ear headbands - then watch the magic begin. 



Use Oreos for Mickey's ears on red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and serve in red foil cupcake cases for an extra shiny red finish. 



There are hundreds of ideas for red themed parties sprinkled throughout our website. Make sure to browse our collection and use the filters to narrow down the search. Need help finding the perfect match? Give us a call on (02) 4950 9561 or leave a message in the Live Support Chatbox in the bottom right-hand corner of the page. We'd be thrilled to help a customer.


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