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Have a magical teal & turquoise party with Shindigs.


There's something magical about teal and turquoise. The colours whisk you away to an oceanic wonderland filled with mermaids, talking cartoon fish and epic underwater adventures. Add a splash of silver glitter to the equation and bam, the colours get a little more gorgeous, creating a look much like the sparkle of sunlight on the ocean waves. 



Yep, teal and turquoise are beautiful, calm colours. Find out how to incorporate these shades of blue and green into your next party with these creative suggestions.



Celebrate under the sea with a Mermaid Party



You guessed it - Mermaid Parties are perfect for turquoise and teal! Wrap teal tinsel around poles, chairs and table legs around the venue to represent coral or seaweed, offer each and every guest a teal flower lei to match their seashell bras and glittering tails, then send kiddies home with Little Mermaid loot bags filled with matching party favours including hair clips, flutes, seashell rings and dinglehoppers - uh, I mean hair brushes!



Treat your little princess to the party of a lifetime with mermaid merchandise and turquoise/teal decorations.



Go walking in a Winter Wonderland with turquoise decorations



Is there a chill in the air? Nope, just a fantastical Winter Wonderland Party complete with gorgeous silver and turquoise decorations. Hang teal/turquoise tissue paper pom poms from the ceiling as snowballs, wear crystallised turquoise lace masks and nibble on blue coloured cupcakes topped with a range of blue confectionery. The party will look so cool... but not be cold!



We have a massive range of teal and turquoise party decorations available in-store and online! With simple, affordable shipping Australia wide, you never have to leave the comfort of the couch while planning your next event. Shop online today at Shindigs.


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