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Yellow Decorations & Party Supplies

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Throw a party as sweet as honey with yellow decorations from Shindigs.

Yellow is one of the happiest colours out there! It's linked with sunshine, daisies and sunflowers - even popcorn smothered in butter. Yep, yellow is one heck of a happy colour, which is why we stock a huge range of yellow party decorations online at Shindigs.

Want to instantly brighten the mood at your next big event? Throw some yellow decorations into the mix and watch the cheer go from zero to hero. 

If you're needing some inspiration, read on for a few tips and tricks to nail a yellow party colour scheme...

One of our sweetest and most loveable themes is Bumble Bee Parties! We offer children's bumble bee costumes including a feathery headband, gold glitter wings and a special bumble bee wand for the kids to buzz around the venue, while the folks can chill out at the table with a couple of bubbly bee champagnes. 

A Bumble Bee Party would be nothing without some vanilla and honey flavoured cupcakes. Stack the bright yellow icing high on top of the cake, then add some edible bumble bee decorations to the top. It will convince the kiddies that some friendly bees have swooped in for a taste. Add the cupcakes to a glittering silver 3-tier cupcake stand and watch them disappear. Buzz buzz!

Enter the Lego Universe with yellow party decorations

There's one brand FAMOUS for the colour yellow... Lego!

Lego Parties would be nothing without yellow party decorations including yellow paper fans with black eyes painted on to look like a Lego Man, party napkins decorated with all sorts of Lego pieces (including - you guessed it - bright yellow) and matching foil party balloons to float around the room.

Have the kids make their own Lego Man or Lady with bright, round yellow plastic plates and black textas. See who can come up with the craziest, most giggle-worthy Lego face.

Want more inspiration for your next yellow themed party? Check out this Pinterest board for more ideas. Otherwise, leave a message for us in the Live Support Chatbox in the bottom right-hand corner of the page. We'd be happy to offer some advice while you shop online.


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