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Bastille Day July 14

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Bastille Day is the national day of France which is celebrated by millions of people worldwide on July 14th. It celebrates the Storming of the Bastille that occurred in 1789 and the unity of the people which was a turning point in the French Revolution. Much like our own national holiday a lot of people in the French communities around the world take advantage of the day and celebrate by hanging with friends and family and celebrating all things French, Cheese, Champagne and Baguette's anyone?
You too can help celebrate by shopping for all you Bastille Day party items at Shindigs. France flag wavers, French bunting banners, Red Berets, Black Berets an Eiffel Tower centrepiece and Tri-colour table cover. Decorate your University housing, Cafe's, Businesses and home in Red, White and Blue and que la fĂȘte commence.

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