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Win best dressed this year at your schools Book Week Parade!!!

Whats your favourite Character? Whats your favourite book?? Is it everyone's old time favourite Where's Wally???

No matter what you're wanting to dress up this year for Book Week Shindigs have all the costumes and accessories you need to create your Favourite Book Character. 
Each year, Schools and Libraries across Australia spend a whole week celebrating Australian Authours, Illustrators and of course Books!
Book Week is held in August 22nd to 28th, but parades happen all through August.

Get in quick before your kids forget to tell you!!!

With our huge range of costumes and accessories you're sure to create the perfect costume representing your favourite book character.
Teachers there is no need to worry, we havent forgotten about you. With our huge selection we're sure you'll be able to find a favourite Character aswell. Maybe you can dress up as Minnie Mouse, Red Riding Hood, Cat in the Hat, Peter Pan or anything inbetween.

From all the Disney Princesess, Superheroes, Cowboys and Cowgirls, Indians, Pirates, Animals, Safari Explorers, Space Aliens, Clowns, Army Navy and Airforce, Witches and Wizards, Vikings, Kings and Queens, to Where's Wally and Wenda. 

Or maybe you want to dress up as something scary!! have a look at our Halloween costumes
There are so many characters to choose from the options are endless.

Alice in Wonderland is a great childhood favourite of everyones and the list of characters go on and on.
Propller Hats for Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee, Large Velvet Hats and crazy orange wigs for the Mad Hatter, Bunny Masks for White Rabbit, Large Cardboard playing Cards and Inflatable flamingoes for the Queen, Cat accessory kits for Cheshire Cat and the list goes on.

We also have amazing wigs, hats and dont forget to look at our huge range of face paints, with these items, you can create the perfect costume that portrays your favourite character

The theme for Book Week 2018 is Find your Treasure
Let your imagination run wild and come in and browse our fantastic Costumes.

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