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Find letter balloons at Shindigs

Foil letter balloons are pretty cool. They're a great prop for photos and are quite popular at many parties and events. 

At Shindigs, we have a great variety of scripted and supershape foil letter balloons, air walkers and individual letters. Our foil letter balloons are designed to be filled with helium and can float up to two to three days. 


If you don't enjoy tying balloons once they're blown up then look no further. Our foil balloons have a self-sealing valve and do not need to be tied off once inflated. However, you do need to take care when inflating them because they can pop quite quickly if overinflated. 


Looking for an excuse to buy letter foil balloons? 

Do you have an upcoming baby shower or baby announcement? Announcing a brand new addition to your family.  Choose from our blue, pink, gold 'baby' scripted ballons.

Are you the bride to be? Foil balloons are a must. Everyone will know it's your special day when they see the silver 'bride' foil balloon.

Other event suggestions include: birthdays, weddings, welcome back parties or even just because you like the look of Letter Foil Balloons.  

Afterall, do we really need an excuse to buy balloons? 

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