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Wide range of large and small latex balloons and everything in between!

Please note that due to the nature of transporting helium there is no option to order inflated balloons through our online store.  All balloons are shipped flat uninflated.  Please contact us if you would like any further information or if you are in the Newcastle area and would like to order inflated balloons or balloon arrangements to be delivered within Newcastle or picked up from our Newcastle store.

Please note that this category is for plain coloured latex balloons only.  If you are looking for printed latex balloons, click here.

One of the best and most economical ways to decorate a function or party is to use latex balloons.  Shindigs has 100's of latex balloons available in different shapes, sizes and types.  From cheap air-fill balloons to helium decorator quality balloons, modelling balloons, specialty linkaloons and even some fun novelty party balloons.  The first step to deciding what type of balloons you will need is to decide how you will be using them.  Do you want helium filled balloons?  Are you looking for modelling balloons?  Or do you just need some cheap balloons for a kid's party or for party games?  Either way, Shindigs is sure to have exactly what you need!

If you are looking to create beautiful centrepieces or decorations for your party of function, then the decorator quality helium balloons will be the type to use.  Even though these balloons are classed as 'helium quality', this just refers to the grade of latex being able to hold helium - they can still be filled with air.  The range of decorator quality balloons is extensive and includes metallic, standard, crystal, linkaloons.  Linkaloons are a special type of balloon with a tail at the top of the balloon allowing it to be tied to the neck of another balloon.  This allows you to create swags, columns and arches easily and the effects are brilliant!  Check out the linkaloon category for more details!  Crystal balloons are a beautiful see-through coloured balloon, which once inflated look like jewels.  Beautiful on their own or mixed in with metallic balloons or on their own, they are especially effective when tied with metallic ribbons.  When purchasing crystal balloons, don't be fooled by how they look in the pack...most of the un-inflated crystal balloons look black or brown...simply inflate the balloon to see it in its true colours!

To find what you are looking for, simply browse through this category to view our extensive range of plain coloured latex balloons.  Alternatively, narrow your search by Category, Keyword, Price, Colour, Type or Brand.


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