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Huge selection of Cake Icing Flavours & Icing Colours from Shindigs

Flavouring and colouring icings and cakes can be the most exciting part of baking and Shindigs is constantly expanding their range of icing colours and flavours. We carry products from the well-known Wilton and Lorann Oils ranges as well as some exciting new flavour colours from Roberts Confectionery.

Our Wilton range of icing gel colours is a concentrated formula designed specifically for colouring icings as it will produce deep vibrant colours without thinning out the icing. The best way to add icing colours to your icing is to use a toothpick and mix it in, and then add more if required – remember, a small amount goes a long way!  If you need to colour your icing black, it is recommended you make chocolate icing to limit the amount of black icing colour you will require.  If you want to colour a large amount of icing a bright vibrant red, it is recommended that you use Wilton’s no-taste red icing colour as large amount of Christmas red icing colour may affect the taste of your icing. 

Robert’s Confectionery flavour colours are a fantastic item to have in the kitchen – they colour and flavour your creations in one go! This means that there is no need to add any flavouring or colours. They have such a wide range of uses including flavouring and colouring cake batter, buttercream icing, fondant icing, milkshakes, biscuits, slices, as well as for creating delicious crème filled chocolates (please note that these flavours can only be used for the fondant crème filling – not for chocolate, click here to view our chocolate colouring and flavouring range). The easiest way to add your flavour colours to your creations is to use an eyedropper which also replaces the lid – easy!

Our range of LorAnn Oils and flavours are such a versatile ingredient in the kitchen for all of your sweet creations. These super strengths flavours are also known as candy oil which refers to a type of flavouring that is highly concentrated and undiluted (they contain no vegetable oils).  These flavours are 3-4 times stronger than store bought extracts and it is recommended that an eyedropper be used to add flavour to your creations.  These flavours can be used for making cakes, cupcakes, buttercream icing, fondant, crème filled chocolates, chocolate, cookies, brownies, hard candy, truffles and so much more!  With the exception of Cotton Candy flavour and Caramel flavour, all other flavours can also be used to flavour chocolate. Because of the potency of the flavours it is recommended that you wipe up any spills immediately as prolonged contact with plastic and counter tops may cause damage. It is also recommended that you do not use plastic utensils when using these oils for the same reason.

It’s time to get creative! Try making blue bubblegum flavoured cupcakes or peach flavoured cupcakes with red raspberry icing…..or what about a cotton candy flavoured milkshake? The possibilities are endless!!! What flavoured or coloured sweet creations will you come up with next?!


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