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Serving Spoons & Tongs, Plastic Candy Scoops

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We've got a range of candy scoops and serving spoons for your next event

Ever have the feeling you're forgetting something when setting up a party? Here's a tip - you've probably forgotten the serving spoons and serving tongs. 

They're the unsung heroes of parties where a buffet meal is served, and can save your guests from squabbles over hygiene. 

Our heavy duty tongs are perfect for dealing with cuts of meat, while our colour coded tongs can help you keep the tongs in their right place. Our bamboo tongs are perfect for eating canapes, whilst our salad servers are perfect for any type of salad - they don't discriminate. 

Whether it's a lolly buffet in need of a candy scoop, or some noodles which need demolishing with chopsticks, we've got a massive range of utensils to keep your guests satisfied. 

Of course, there's no point having utensils if there are no serving platters to keep the food, so check out our selection of serving bowls and serving platters - stock up while you're here! We've got everything you need to cater for your next big event. 

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