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Shindigs stocks a wide range of masquerade masks colours from Silver, Black, Blue and more

If you are hosting or attending a Masquerade party or ball and need a mask, then you've come to the right place!  Shindigs stock 100's of masquerade masks in a range of styles, colours and price.  From the fancy and glamorous to plain and simple, you're sure to find something you'll love!

Our range of masquerade masks vary not only by style, design and colour but also by the way they are worn.  Some of the Mayalulu masks have a headband design, where the headband sits on your head like an 'Alice band' and then the mask sits comfortably in front of your face.  This makes it so comfortable because the mask is not being 'secured' in any way to your face.  It also allows for the wearer to 'flip' the mask up to sit on the top of their head.  Other masks will either have elastic or ribbons to comfortably secure the mask to the wearer's face or head.  there are also some masks on sticks, where the wearer simply holds the mask in front of their face when necessary.  This can be handy if you are wearing makeup or if you don't want to have a mask attached to your face all night long.

It may be helpful for ladies in particular to consider what they are wearing and how they want to have their hair.  This can affect the type of mask you choose as well as the design or colour of the mask.  If your costume or clothing is very fancy or glamorous, you might consider a plainer style mask.  If your clothing is not too fancy you may like to choose a more elaborate mask to make that the stand out piece.  You may also like to consider whether you would like to wear a mask with feathers or without. 

We also stock a great range of party masks and animal masks, great for kids parties and costume parties.  If you are wanting to decorate tables for a party, why don't you use this 50pk of laser masks?  Combine these masks with some mini boxes, balloon sticks and maybe some glitter glue and picks - you'll have the most beautiful centrepieces ever!
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