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Looking for a totally tubular theme for your next party? Why not throw an edgy 80’s extravaganza? We’ve got all the 1980’s punk rock party supplies you’ll need to take your guests on a groovy blast to the past, from wacky Pacman suspenders to wicked wigs that’ll help you channel your inner Alice Cooper.

Give your homies the 411 with these Totally 80’s invitations, then transform your pad into the perfect venue for a bodacious bash with some of our radical 1980’s punk rock party decorations. Just crank up your favourite 80’s hits and give your friends a real punk rock-star entrance with this sick rock party doorway decoration. Of course, it wouldn’t be a true 80’s party without an old-school cassette tape or boombox centrepiece.

Need more 1980’s punk rock party ideas? Serve retro cocktails, like Long Island Iced Tea, Pina Coladas and B52’s. Encourage your posse to dress for the decade with big hair, studded punk gloves and enough leather to make Sid Vicious blush. Then, up the stakes with a righteous karaoke contest and send the choice act home with a rocker necklace and gold rock star trophy!

For a totally hardcore punk party, get all your 1980’s punk rock party supplies online with Shindigs. Just spend over $49 to qualify for free and fast shipping!
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