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Looking for a wild birthday theme suitable for all ages? Why not host a jungle party? Here at Shindigs, we’ve got all the Jungle Party supplies you need to make your special day a roaring success, from jungle themed party hats to these fierce lion party masks

Say goodbye to suburbia and hello to the African safari with some of our awesome Jungle Party decorations. Carefully camouflage your tables with grass tablecloths then recreate all the canopy of a thriving forest by hanging these jumbo lime party streamers as vines. Add a few inflatable palm trees for a more tropical feel and populate your verdant landscape with a few party animals, using these cute supershape lion and zebra balloons.

Need Jungle Party ideas? Encourage your guests to dress for a wild night and hand out giraffe headbands and cheetah masks at the door. If the party’s for little ones, rope another adult into face painting duty with this easy to use face painting kit.

Once partygoers are split into predators and prey, it’s time to break out the party games. Keep the kiddies occupied with this creative jungle twist on ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’, while older guests broaden their social horizons by selecting a member of the opposite animal team to chat with.

For a great party without all the monkeying around, get your cheap Jungle Party supplies online at Shindigs. 
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