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The must have party trend of 2019 is all things Coral and Mint and we have the perfect party range for you to achieve this in the classiest cheapest way.

Say ‘Hello’ to the new Shmick Cosmopolitan range. Affordable prices for a totally adorable scene!!

This whole range features soft colours of Mint Green, Coral, Light Pink and Light Blue party items. The detailing on these products is simply elegant with soft scalloped edging and gold foil detailing. It’s beyond perfect for so many different events purely because the special messages are not specific to one occasion. Words that cater to every event - Celebrate, Party, Yay and Hooray!

Christenings/Naming Days, Baby Showers, Birthday’s, Engagements – the options are endless and suitable for Adults and Children. Mix and match your items within this Cosmo range, blend it all together for one pretty amazing party. Using soft pastel colours is all you need for a modern day shindig and we’ve got everything you need to achieve a truly elegant affair.

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