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Why should Americans and Europeans have all the fun? Halloween celebrations have finally landed on Aussie shores! So, why not celebrate this All Hallow’s Eve by throwing your very own ghostly gathering? We’ve got all the Spooky and Halloween Party supplies you’ll need to create a fang-tastic event, from pumpkin balloons to witches’ hats.

Once you’ve invited all your friends to your spooktacular shindig, it’s time to transform your venue into a horrifying haunted house with a few of our best Spooky and Halloween Party decorations. Set the scene for a scare with this creepy insta-theme Haunted House and night sky background. Then, turn your party zone into a house of horrors by spreading stretchable spiderwebs over every surface. Complete the abominable ambience with a swarm of hanging bats and a couple of eerie tombstone cut outs.

Need Spooky and Halloween Party ideas? Hold a contest for the best-dressed guys and ghouls. We’ve got stacks of Halloween costumes to choose from, from full Grim Reaper and sexy Vampiress outfits to pint-size skeleton costumes for the kids.

When everyone is ready to loosen up a bit, put on some classic tracks like the Monster Mash and bring out a cauldron (punchbowl) of the Wicked Witch’s strongest brew - use green liquor or a few drops of food colouring to achieve an unnatural hue.

To keep younger guests entertained, skip the tricks and go straight to the treats. Have a responsible adult on face painting duty to turn every little angel into convincing hell spawn, then string up a cool pumpkin piñata filled with ghost marshmallows and bloodsucker lollypops for kids to strike.

For all your Spooky and Halloween Party Supplies online, trust Shindigs. We’ll help you create a gloriously gruesome gathering without all the hassle. 
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