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Balloons Galore!

Please note that ordering inflated balloons and balloon arrangements can only be done through our store in Newcastle, NSW.  Due to the nature of transporting helium there is no option to order inflated balloons through our online store.  All balloons are shipped flat and uninflated.  Please contact us if you would like any further information or would like to inflated balloons or balloon arragnements to be picked up from our Newcastle store.

For 15 years Shindigs have been helping the people of Newcastle decorate their parties and functions with balloons and balloon decorations!  From smaller air-filled centrepieces, to all manner and design of helium-filled table and floor height arrangements, archways and more!  Our friendly staff will help you throughout the whole process - from the choosing the colours and design all the way to the day that your creations get delivered or picked up.  We even show you how to do them yourselves!

If you are wanting to inflate the balloons yourself click here for more information.

If you would like us to do the balloons for you, or are just after some inspiration, click on the images below to view more designs and arrangements.  This is just a small sampling of what we can do, if you don't find what you're after please contact us.  Please note that we are only able to inflate and deliver balloons within the Newcastle area - if your function is in the Newcastle area call us on 4950 9561 and one of our friendly staff will be happy to assist you!  Because everyone is unique and all of our arrangements are custom made we do not have set prices - feel free to contact our friendly staff for a quote today!
We have even more inspirational photos and decorating ideas on Facebook!  Check us out here.

Click on the links below to view more images!

          Small Table Arrangements          Helium Filled Table Arrangements     Floor Height Helium Arrangements                                Archways


Balloons @ Shindigs – Our Commitment to You

We love balloons and love talking about balloons. We love inflating and arranging balloons for our customers and can create some amazing effects with balloons. We have been inflating, arranging & delivering balloons across Newcastle for the last 15 years. Most of the time balloons are pure fun, but please be aware of the following ....

 ..... By their very nature, balloons are extremely fragile. Very occasionally, they will fail due to their fragile nature. This is not something we can foresee or predict. This is not something we like. This is something we hate. We work really hard to make sure our customers are happy 100% of the time!

..... Balloons are very easily damaged – sometimes by touching them onto things. We cannot be held responsible if this happens.

...... Balloons are affected by temperature – both the heat and the cold affect what happens to their size and their float time. We go to great lengths to educate our customers on how best to care for balloons, in terms of their storage and transportation. Once balloons leave our store, however, we cannot be held responsible for what happens to them.

......To keep failures to an absolute minimum,  we use only the highest quality balloons – Decrotex, Qualatex, Anagram are just a few of the leading global balloon brands that we use. Within the “balloon world” these are considered the best quality balloons available.

..... Wherever possible, we inflate balloons with sufficient lead time, so that any fault in the balloon would become apparent to our staff before the balloon leaves the store. It would then be replaced at that time.

...... Treating a clear balloon with Hifloat (to prolong its life) can make a clear balloon look cloudy. We do not advise treating clear balloons with Hifloat. Extreme heat can also make a clear balloon look cloudy. We always inflate clear balloons as late as possible, but on a super hot day, we cannot be held responsible if clear balloons do go slightly cloudy.

..... Each week, we inflate and arrange thousands of balloons. The failure rate of balloons we use is less than 1%. When we are delivering balloons for customers, we always carry spares and will fix and replace any balloon that fails during the delivery process, up until the time the driver has handed over the balloons.  If anything happens beyond that time, we require the customer to bring the faulty balloon back to Shindigs and we’ll investigate the issue and respond appropriately.

 ...... Where customers collect and transport inflated balloons themselves (or helium tanks), regardless of the distance (short or far), or regardless of the lack of time a customer might have to come back to Shindigs, our warranty remains that it is the customer’s responsibility to return them to Shindigs in the event of a problem. When the balloons are returned we’ll then investigate the issue and respond appropriately. We cannot travel from Shindigs to your location in the unlikely event that a balloon has a fault that is only evident after you have left the store.

..... If a customer is unable (due to lack of time or distance) to return the balloon on the day, we request that a customer supplies a date and time stamped photograph which clearly shows the problem or fault that will allow us to respond to that issue accordingly.

 ..... We are happy to inflate balloons for customers that have not been purchased from Shindigs. We accept no responsibility for the failure of any balloon not purchased at Shindigs, whether this is evident whilst the balloon is in our store, or after it has left.

 ..... Enjoy your balloons.  Fill your parties with balloons, but remember ...... a balloon is just a balloon, and like all of us, sometimes a balloon isn’t perfect.

Thankyou – Shindigs Management